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"The World's Most Experienced Authority On Researching And Teaching Entrepreneurship ...."

Our Mission: The Farrell Company’s “sense of mission” has not changed for 28 years! It has always been to be the best in the world at researching and teaching entrepreneurship – to all the market segments we serve: large companies wanting to instill ‘corporate entrepreneurship’ in the business, aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create and grow their own business, schools and universities teaching entrepreneurship to their students and governments everywhere hoping to spur economic growth and create more jobs by developing a more entrepreneurial economy.   

Our Company: The Farrell Company is the world's leading organization for researching and teaching entrepreneurial practices. Larry Farrell founded the firm in 1983 to do his own ground-breaking research into the business practices of the world's great entrepreneurs. Today, with affiliates in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa, over five million participants in 40 countries, across nine languages, have attended the company's programs.


Our Affiliates: Many of our Affiliates around the world have been partnering with us for twenty years or more. All of them are fully trained and certified to deliver The Farrell Company’s programs and services. We’ll be happy to put you into direct contact with the International Affiliate closest to your location. All of them have the experience and expertise to respond to your interests and needs – including, of course, providing our courses in their local language: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian, Finnish, etc.


Our Clients: Hundreds of demanding clients around the world have used our Entrepreneurial Age Keynote Address, our Spirit Of Enterprise Seminar on “corporate entrepreneurship,” our Getting Entrepreneurial! Seminar for aspiring, individual entrepreneurs and our Creating An Entrepreneurial Economy program for governments. Clients range from blue-chip global companies, to world-class universities, to government agencies responsible for job creation and economic development. A more complete list, by country, is available on the “Our Clients” page.


Our Founder: Larry Farrell is the Founder and Chairman of The Farrell Company, the world's leading firm for researching and teaching entrepreneurship. He founded the firm in 1983 to research the high-growth business practices of the world’s great entrepreneurs – and distill them into a set of practices that could be taught to others. That challenging goal has been achieved. Over the past quarter century, Larry has met and interviewed several thousand entrepreneurs and has personally taught entrepreneurship to more individuals, organizations, and governments than any person in the world.


In the process, his work has received praise from Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Fortune, Business Week, The Conference Board, and more. His latest book -- The New Entrepreneurial Age (2011) -- is a timely  revision of his three earlier books and his Conference Board Review columns – combined with an up-to-the-minute accounting of everything his company has learned about helping people, companies, and governments around the world apply the economic power of entrepreneurship. His three previous books are: Searching For The Spirit Of Enterprise (1993), The Entrepreneurial Age (2001), and Getting Entrepreneurial! (2003). 


Larry has a diverse background: Peace Corps Volunteer, Harvard Business School, University of California Law School, a young Vice President of American Express in New York and President of Kepner-Tregoe in Princeton, NJ. He has served on the Boards of The Economic Development Society in the US and The Journal Of Strategic Change in London. Currently he is a Contributing Editor for The Conference Board Review in New York, a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine in India, and an Advisory Board member to Cambridge University’s Enterprise Solutions to Poverty project in the UK.


He continues to maintain an active international travel schedule. When not travelling he lives in the USA, with his wife Sylvia, in Arizona and Virginia.


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