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"Down-sizing, another re-organization and more management consultants with MBAs won't get you a penny of real growth. To get growth, you've got to have high purpose, absolute focus on customer and product, a lot of action, and self-inspired people. "



The Four Entrepreneurial Practices
Sense Of Mission
The Entrepreneurial Way To Deliver Product/Market Winners
Customer/Product Vision
Creating Entrepreneurial Passion To Produce Continuous Growth
High-speed Innovation
The Entrepreneurs Secret Weapon For Beating The Competition
Self-inspired Behavior
The Power Of Loving What You Do And Getting Very Good At Doing It


Beating the natural life cycle of organizations is tough. Of America's 100 biggest companies in 1900 only 16 are still in business! In the beginning, the entrepreneurial spirit fuels the start-up and creates high growth. Growth brings size and the passage of time brings new leaders. These shifts in size and leadership produce a new set of objectives. Planning, streamlining and controlling the enterprise become the new order. Managing this and that become more important than making this and selling that. Meetings, reports, and self-perpetuating bureaucracy erupt on every front. Decline sets in and, unchecked, you're on your way to demise. The only way to fix this mess is to start over with the entrepreneurial basics - the real practices of real builders of business like: Matsushita, Honda, Lever, Branson, Watson, Disney, Walton and Jobs. If you're looking for the bedrock fundamentals of high-growth enterprise, look no further. The key to growth in the hyper-competitive 21st century will be old-fashioned entrepreneurship!



Awakening the Spirit Of Enterprise in People, Companies, and Countries

The Keynote Address is based on Larry Farrell's book, The New Entrepreneurial Age. This fast moving presentation examines how the power of entrepreneurship can be harnessed by individuals, organizations, and entire countries to compete and prosper in the 21st century. The Keynote Address has entertained and challenged audiences all over the world. It's a rapid-fire drill in amazing facts, powerful examples, humorous anecdotes, and thought provoking recommendations to take away.

* Copies of The New Entrepreneurial Age book are available as optional material.
* We tailor the Keynote to concentrate on the areas of greatest interest to the participants.


Reviving The Spirit Of Enterprise In Your Business

 Lessons in “Corporate Entrepreneurship”

The New Entrepreneurial Age Executive Overview is a half-day, compressed version of The Farrell Company's Spirit Of Enterprise Seminar. All the seminar's Application exercises are included. The Executive Overview today draws on the latest research and examples from Farrell's new book, The New Entrepreneurial Age. The session has two goals: that participants learn the entrepreneurial basics which propel all high growth enterprise, and examine how those basics can be instilled in their own organization.

* All participant materials including The New Entrepreneurial Age book are provided.
* We tailor Executive Overviews to concentrate on the areas of greatest interest to participants.

Lessons in” Corporate Entrepreneurship”

 From The World’s Great Entrepreneurs And Their High Growth Companies

Our most widely used program, The Spirit Of Enterprise (SOE) Seminar has two overriding goals: That participants learn and start using entrepreneurial basics in their jobs. The rationale is that building and growing a business is very different from managing a business. The seminar offers participants a unique grounding in the bedrock fundamentals of high-growth enterprise.

Entrepreneurial behavior is distilled into a series of business practices that any employee in any company can use. To insure the objective of instilling these practices back on the job, over half the session is devoted to the 14 Application exercises. The Applications ultimately represent participant commitments to raise their individual spirit of enterprise and the company's overall competitiveness. At the close, all the team Applications are collected and delivered to senior management for implementation follow-up. In addition each participant is asked to personally commit to implementing the five highest impact entrepreneurial actions within his/her own area of responsibility the first week back on the job.

* All participant materials including The New Entrepreneurial Age book, are provided.
* The seminar is designed as a full two day session. However, a one-day version is available. We recommend the two day
version for all clients who can manage the extended schedule. The trade off is the amount of time available for each team's
Application discussions and presentations to the full group.



Customized Seminar And Implementation

For select clients, we will create a customized program, in appearance and content, based on our proprietary Spirit Of Enterprise Seminar. Our "high-growth, entrepreneurial message" will be fully adapted to the client's own business. The end product will be owned by the client, for the exclusive use of client employees. Organization-wide implementation of a customized Spirit Of Enterprise Training Project is both flexible and cost effective.

In the development phase, we conduct taped interviews across the company and completely re-write our Spirit Of Enterprise Seminar around the client's actual product/market situation. We then produce the customized version in the delivery mode desired: print, video, inter-active computer, etc. We will also train company managers as facilitators to lead their own staffs through the seminar, and/or company trainers as instructors to teach across the entire organization. Whichever delivery and implementation method is preferred by the client, we insure that the entrepreneurial practices learned during the training are applied back on the job. Our unique Beyond The Seminar Follow-up Service is designed to track and review all the Applications planned in the seminars, with the results reported to management.

We provide everything the client will need to make the project successful:
1. Creating, writing and producing the company customized version of our Spirit Of Enterprise Seminar.
2. Facilitator/instructor training for the organization's own staff.
3. All instructor teaching materials and participant learning materials.
4. Beyond The Seminar follow-up implementation services.

Creating And Growing Your Own Business In The 21st Century

We've now distilled our 28 years of worldwide experience with entrepreneurship into a powerful, one day seminar for individuals who are dreaming of starting their own company. Our Getting Entrepreneurial! Seminar is the definitive guide for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, covering everything they need to know to put their financial future in their own hands! Participants will learn the start-up secrets of the world's great entrepreneurs and complete the seminar's 11 essential application exercises to get started. They will leave the seminar with their own action plan for starting their own business. Their plan will be based on the proven business practices of the world's great entrepreneurs - as presented by Larry Farrell, the world's most experienced authority on researching and teaching entrepreneurship.

* Each participant receives: the Getting Entrepreneurial! book, and a separate Getting Entrepreneurial! Application Workbook and Reminder Card




Government-Sponsored Economic and Small Business Development

 (Getting Entrepreneurial! Government Projects)

The driving force of every successful economy in the world is entrepreneurship. Therefore, the goal of every "Creating an Entrepreneurial Economy" project is to assist our government clients in developing a more entrepreneurial economy within their city, nation or region through the encouragement, training and support of large numbers of aspiring entrepreneurs each year. Their startup ventures will create new local jobs and permanently enrich the local economy. The Getting Entrepreneurial! Project is based on our 25 years of entrepreneurial research and teaching techniques around the world.

We've developed a unique project approach for government agencies concerned with job creation, business startups and economic development. It consists of a very practical, low cost, four-step process which covers:

1. Involving the Local/Regional Leadership
Business/Finance, Education and Social Leaders

2. Inspiring the Potential Entrepreneurs
Identifying and Motivating Potential Business Owners

3. Developing the Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship Training and Creation of Startup Plans Using our Getting Entrepreneurial! Seminar

4. Providing On-Going Support in Three Critical Areas for Entrepreneurial Success
Creating an Entrepreneur-Friendly Environment, Finding Startup Money

and Securing Additional Product/Market Knowledge






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