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It's Tough To Get The Experts
To Agree On Anything. Here's Something Drucker, Peters,
The Conference Board, Business Week, Fortune, And A Host Of Others Do Agree On.

Best Selling Authors


Bigger is better turned out to be another 20th century myth. Larry Farrell has eloquently described why.

Peter Drucker

The 20th Century's Greatest Management Thinker


If you want to learn about international entrepreneurism, Larry Farrell is your man.

Tom Peters

The World's All-time Best Selling Business Author


Larry Farrell takes you straight to the entrepreneurial basics that propel all high-growth companies - and does it on a global scale.

Ken Blanchard

 The One Minute Manager


The Entrepreneurial Age will teach you how the power of entrepreneurship can be harnessed by individuals, companies, and entire countries to change the world. Knock yourself out!

Guy Kawasaki

 Rules for Revolutionaries


The best book on entrepreneurship I've seen.

Phil Crosby

 Quality Is Free


The Press


Larry Farrell’s enthusiasm, grounded in years of working with aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, is contagious. The New Entrepreneurial Age will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of creating a business, as well as corporate CEOs looking to instill an entrepreneurial spirit across their companies, and even government leaders hoping to jump-start economic development.

Matthew Budman, Editor-in-Chief

The Conference Board Review - New York


India has reached an important threshold when it comes to entrepreneurship. Larry Farrell’s experience and expertise will be of great help to the aspiring entrepreneurs of India -- and around the globe. Having worked with Larry for the past couple of years, and knowing his deep knowledge of the topic, his latest book, The New Entrepreneurial Age, has immense relevance for India.

Bipin Chandran, Chief Editor

Entrepreneur Magazine - India

I'm glad to tell you . . . the book was a source of inspiration.

Charles G. Burck, Board of Editors



Farrell's got the hottest topic of the year. We've built our entire conference around it.

Kim Gantz, CEO Symposiums

Business Week

Farrell has learnt what we all want to know: who shall inherit the earth? But if you listen to him carefully you may find an answer to an even more difficult question: having inherited the earth, how do you get to keep it?

Nigel Bruce, Editor

Financial Mail - South Africa


Your interview was outstanding. Your ideas are so on target. The Entrepreneurial Age should be read by anyone wanting to succeed in business and by any government officials wanting to create a climate of growth and prosperity. Thank you for the best business interview I've ever conducted.

Erskine Payton, National Radio Host

Erskine Overnight


This is a book of sound practical advice of importance to everyone who has any involvement in business. It gets to the heart of entrepreneurship, something that has been lost in the bureaucratic trap that too many of the world's organizations have fallen into. Larry Farrell shows how to get out of the trap if you are in it, and how to avoid it if you are not. Everyone should read this book.

David Hussey, Founding Editor
 Journal of Strategic Chang
e - United Kingdom


In Asia, that land of the entrepreneur, Larry Farrell is respected and admired as the world's leading authority on entrepreneurship. His new book, The Entrepreneurial Age, strongly reinforces that acclaim.

Jet Magsaysay, Editor-in-Chief
Chief Executive Asia - Hong Kong


Government Leaders


Larry Farrell’s passion and commitment for entrepreneurial development, as well as his lifetime of real world experience, combine to help organizations achieve the growth and development of entrepreneurs at every level of capability.   His expertise and support helped my tribal community members gain the insight and courage to move forward with their own start-up business planning and implementation.

Jamie Fullmer, CEO, Blue Stone Strategy Group

Former Chairman, Yavapai-Apache Nation, Arizona


We spent 51 years under Soviet communism. All the theories from western economists and management experts confuse us. But when Larry Farrell describes it, even former communists can understand what it takes to actually create enterprise.

Hon. Tomas Sildmae

Minister Of Economy, Republic of Estonia


It was like an on-rushing freight train. Larry Farrell gave us an overwhelming presentation on the role of government in entrepreneurial development.

Nora Chang Wang, Commissioner
Department of Employment, City of New York

We are charged with promoting entrepreneurship throughout the country. When I heard Larry Farrell speak, I immediately knew I had to bring him to Kuala Lumpur to teach my senior staff what entrepreneurship is really all about.

Hon. Mustapa Mohamed

Minister of Entrepreneurial Development

Republic of Malaysia

The top rated Directorate level seminar in ten years.

A. R. B. Kitchell, Director
Civil Service Academy - Hong Kong Government


Very special thanks for giving us a provocative concept: applying the principles of entrepreneurship to government operations.

Diane Black, Special Advisor
Governor's Office for Economic Development
State of New Jersey

Business Executives

No one captures the spirit and passion of the entrepreneur like Larry Farrell! He provides the road map, the wisdom, the vision and the motivation for all of us to act on our entrepreneurial dreams.

Howard Jung, Chairman of the Board
Ace Hardware, Inc.


The Spirit Of Enterprise seminar was a day well spent by our senior management team. We've already had a couple of sessions following up on some of our action plans, and it was a great lead-in for our Strategic Planning meetings.

Theodore M. Fowler, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
Golden Corral Corporation


Farrell puts all the tools we need for achieving high growth right on the table. It's all there!

Manuel Ortiz, Director Corporate Communications
RCA Consumer Electronics – Mexico


Every topic he covered is critically important to Eli Lily.

Deborah L. Good, Manager of Strategic Planning

Eli Lily and Company


Larry Farrell is a most unusual American. He has the perfect message for French companies and he presents it with a truly international touch.

Hervé Hannebicque, Senior Vice President

Thomson Multimedia - France

In The Entrepreneurial Age, Larry Farrell combines his insights and expertise with practical methods to help business, government, and community leaders harness the innate creative powers that can lead them to success.

Nat Sutton

Chairman, Private Industry Council of NYC

Principal, Heidrick & Struggles


Farrell's message changed the way we do business. It changed our lives!

Franco Calandra, President

Rockwell International do Brazil

This is not a training exercise for us. It's a marketing driven project to keep us ahead of the competition in the tough South African automobile market.

Paul Croeser, Director of Marketing

Saficon Motor (Mercedes, VW, Honda) - South Africa


I don't know what we paid for this seminar, but whatever it was, the last five minutes alone - about creating an entrepreneurial performance system, was worth it!

Charles B. Rice, Chairman

Barton Protective Services, Inc.


Farrell has changed my concept of the way a hospital should be run. This is revolutionary!

Dr. Douglas Notman, Director of Endocrinology
St. Mary's Hospital - Grand Rapids, MI


For twenty years we thought we were stewardesses. Larry Farrell's training convinced us we are also businesswomen. It's a very important difference.

Helena Gronholm, Director

Finnair In-Flight Training Center - Finland


Farrell's keynote address was a real eye-opener! We're vitally concerned with all aspects of corporate growth and he hit the target dead on.' He left our attendees with unique, new insights.

Carl Wangman, Managing Director

Association For Corporate Growth


This book is a must read for anyone with the passion, persistence and drive to start and run your own business. Farrell really captures the essence of who the entrepreneur is and what it takes to survive in the current business

Sabrina Horn, Founder & CEO
Horn Group, Inc.




Larry Farrell's books and ideas on entrepreneurship are very popular in China. The New Entrepreneurial Age will also be well received here. Since 2004 we've had a productive collaboration and our joint venture business in China is producing good results for our clients -- and for us.

Dr. Zheng Li, Vice Dean, School of Economics

Jilin University, China


Larry Farrell’s insight and vision have helped ordinary people do extraordinary things. His latest book is an essential toolkit for: students, early stage and established entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers alike. We are delighted to have him partnering with us.

Terri Scott, President

Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland

Former Managing Director, Invest Northern Ireland


The global entrepreneurship revolution has great economic and social potential. But for that potential to be fulfilled, entrepreneurship needs practical wisdom. For over thirty years, Larry Farrell has been sharing his abundance of such wisdom with individuals, universities, businesses and governments around the world. The New Entrepreneurial Age reflects the breadth of that audience and crystallizes his thinking.

Dr. Peter Heslam, Director Transforming Business - Enterprise Solutions to Poverty Project

Cambridge University - UK


Larry Farrell has done it again! The New Entrepreneurial Age offers readers an engaging, thought-provoking, and contemporary perspective on the “economic power of entrepreneurship.” At both JA and Laureate I have witnessed first-hand the legacy of Larry’s work through its application to middle school, high school, and university students. This book is his most comprehensive and enlightening work to date!

Darrell Luzzo, Vice President Product Development, Laureate Education, Inc.

Former Senior Vice President of Education

Junior Achievement Worldwide


Thank you for giving us a wonderful talk. I've heard numerous compliments from our faculty and students. My Advisory Board members have also remarked on how much they benefited. Your message was important and presented with excellent illustrations.

Jon Bartley, Dean College of Management
North Carolina State University


The most successful international CEO seminar the University has ever hosted. Expectations were very high and unreservedly we say Farrell delivered more than we expected. The content, delivery, and audience participation have set new benchmarks for us in succeeding executive conferences.

Yu Ming Chin, Director School of Economics

University of Asia and the Pacific - Philippines

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