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Entrepreneuring Around

the World 2009 Highlights



Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends:

  Once again, here's a quick report on our entrepreneurial activities around the world.  Despite the recession, or perhaps because of it, we continue to find strong global interest in entrepreneur development.  For example, our business in Eastern Europe got off to a booming start in the first half and we have exciting new projects starting up in China,  the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Ireland.  As we enter the second half of 2009, it appears that the recession has bottomed out, and hopefully some old lessons have been re-learned about fostering real economic growth and prosperity --- which we continue to believe will come from the world's great entrepreneurs.  Following are a few examples of what we've been up to:


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. Larry delivers The Spirit of Enterprise seminar to the top management group of Banca Comerciala Romana.




Both of JA's new middle and high school entrepreneurship programs' primary curriculum are derived from Larry Farrell's book, Getting Entrepreneurial!

Thus,    Larry's teachings will surely influence the next generation of aspiring entrepre-neurs.



Larry will return to China for the second time in two years to address faculty and students of Xiamen University.  Many thanks to Li Zheng, our affiliate in China, for his diligence in ensuring  the success of each visit as well as his graciousness as a host.







1. Eastern Europe - Our Newest Affiliate: Ascent Group, our new Affiliate for Romania and Southeast Europe staged a tremendous start-up week in April! Larry not only trained/certified six of their professional staff to deliver our programs, but they had also arranged several great publicity opportunities (TV and press) and most impressive of all, they had already signed up two blue-chip clients for the first Spirit Of Enterprise Seminars in the region! 

The first client in Southeast Europe was none other than IBM Romania! This was a quarter-century déjà vu experience for Larry as the very first client ever to take The "SOE" seminar just happened to be IBM Hong Kong/China way back in 1984! The second client for the SOE seminar was equally prestigious, being the senior management team of  Banca Comerciala Romana, the largest bank in Romania.  This program was taught in the bank's majestic boardroom, seen above, some 25 stories above Bucharest's beautiful cityscape.  

Adela Cristea is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ascent Group. With headquarters in Bucharest, another office in Arad, Romania, and country offices in Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia, and even an outpost office in Cyprus, it is poised to provide tremendous market coverage for The Farrell Company in this fast growing region of Europe. Adela herself will teach the first ever Spirit Of Enterprise Seminar in Romanian to Avon Romania. Also lined up for Larry's next visit to the region are IBM Serbia, Xerox Central Europe, and a second program for IBM Romania. So we are very excited about our new Affiliate relationship with Ascent Group. You can learn more about our newest Affiliate by viewing their website at


2. Junior Achievement Worldwide, Colorado Springs, CO: Founded in 1919, JA is the largest non-government educational organization in the world. The three pillars of its worldwide strategy are teaching financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. JA is reaching 9.3 million school children a year across 100 countries.

 We are pleased to announce that Junior Achievement's new entrepreneurship program for high school students, JA Be Entrepreneurial, based on Larry's Getting Entrepreneurial! book, was released and shipped worldwide in June! The program is forecasted to reach millions of high school students around the world in the coming years. JA's entrepreneurship program for middle school students, JA It's My Business, also based on Larry's book, has been in use for two years. In April Larry recorded 7 podcasts on JA's website, www.JA.Org, to provide students a personal message from the author about the new high school program.

 As we previously wrote, these two large scale projects for JA are destined to become the most important legacy of The Farrell Company's 25 year history, and we are exceedingly proud that they have now both become a reality.


3.  Xiamen University - Fujian, China:  Delivering our entrepreneurial message to China may seem like "coals to Newcastle" to some as the powerful Chinese money-machine continues to finance the United States' efforts to stimulate our own economy. But that may be just the point - the Chinese love entrepreneurship and want to keep learning everything they can about it! So we've been invited back to China again to do just that. This time, the top rated Xiamen University, situated on the southern coast between Shanghai and Hong Kong, has asked Larry to deliver both their conference Keynote Address on The Entrepreneurial Age plus our full Getting Entrepreneurial! Seminar for their "E-MBA" students in October.


4. JA Company Of The Year: Larry was invited to be a judge for the 2009 North American JA Company of the Year Competition, held July 16-19 in Boston, MA. FedEx and Hewlett Packard were the two primary sponsors. Approximately 120 high school company teams came from all across the US and Canada. Anyone who needs a confidence booster in the economic future of North America ought to check into the entrepreneurial fervor of these high school kids. The companies all created innovative products, most had some social responsibility goals to fill, and all were profitable!

Pictured at left (clockwise from top along with company name and brief description below) is a sampling of some of the top-rated, and very diverse companies - along with an awe-struck judge, one Larry Farrell. . .

Smile (fun and educational dental kits for small children.) Calgary, AB. Overall  winner! Wakeup call for the USA?                   

 Jump 4 A Cause (2GB flash drive bracelet loaded with messages from three charities which received all the profits!) Atlanta, GA.                 

Falcon Royal Tees (teen apparel with school logo.) Los Angeles, CA. Other students from their tough Latino area laughed at them until they started making money and giving most of it back to improve the school.

JINJA (created and marketed two products, Mind Games and Fleece Blankets.) All in tiny Jasper, IN. Entrepreneurship in rural America!             

Fresh Endeavors (variety of all hand-made Chinese products.) Based in the Chinese Community Center of Houston, TX.


5. Cambridge Asks Larry To Join Board Of Advisors For Entrepreneurship Initiative: Dr. Peter Heslam, Director of Transforming Business and Dr. Daphne Halkias, Director of  Cross-Cultural Entrepreneurship at Cambridge University in the UK -- have invited Larry to join the Board Of Advisors for two new initiatives at the University. Larry has accepted the invitation to join the Boards and looks forward to working with others on these important applications of entrepreneurship. The initiative will be housed at the University's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning in Cambridge, UK.


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